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You are about to become a member of an exclusive group of Nigerians whose health and well-being is our primary mission.

We have designed a comprehensive health check just for you that takes note of over 80 health parameters from your head to your toe. You will be screened for hypertension, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, dyslipidemia, urinary tract infections, hyperuricemia, dental caries and so on. 

We know there are a lot of health checks out there, but here are 6 checks you get almost exclusively with us. We have curated a range of tests that you can’t find anywhere else.

comprehensive health check
comprehensive health check

6 checks you get almost exclusively with us:

  • Unique double arm blood pressure check that will screen for underlying heart problems while checking your blood pressure. (This is the only place you can access this in Nigeria)
  • A full body scan with our Body Composition Analysis machine that detects your cell age, and Obesity Index.
  • An ultrasound scan of your blood vessels to screen for risk of strokes or aneurysms at common sites.
  • A 3D Foot Scanner that checks your feet health (This is the only place you can access this in Nigeria)
  • A comprehensive analysis of all your joints and your body posture with solutions to whatever issue is detected. (This is the only place you can access this in Nigeria)
  • A hearing screening test that checks each ear for hearing loss that may be affecting your daily function

Here is a list of the other tests you will get to enjoy

  • 12 lead ECG – Heart attack and abnormal heart functions can go undetected. This test will check if your heart is in good shape.
  • Vision Screening – Find out if your eyes are working fine, or in need of some assistance
  • Kidney Function Test – 1in 8 Nigerians has kidney disease, many people never know until it is too late. This test checks the state of your kidneys so you will never be in doubt.
  • Liver Function Test – Liver disease can be devastating, with this check, you will know where your liver currently stands.
  • Dental Screening – Your dentition and gums will be checked by a professional dentist.
  • Blood Sugar Test – You will be screened for diabetes, a deadly disease that can lead to complications like stroke and heart attack.
  • Full Blood Count – With a Full Blood Count, a perfect picture of your blood is taken and you will know if you have any ongoing infection, low blood level or any risk of bleeding disorder.
  • Lipid Profile- Cholesterol is the culprit in many chronic diseases like hypertension and heart disease. You will get to know your cholesterol levels to take the right action immediately.
  • Urinalysis – Your urine can tell a lot about your urinary tract and kidneys. After this test, you can pee with confidence.
  • Uric Acid – This test can help check your risk of developing kidney stones, or gout..

Beyond these, you will also become part of the DoktorConnect family, with 12 months of access to a doctor online 24/7 plus bonus benefits such as Accidental Medical Insurance worth N20,000, Permanent Disability Insurance worth N250,000 and Life Insurance worth N250,000.

Here is what a few people have to say about our comprehensive health check after doing the check

“I visited the wellness centre and got tested. The machines are superb, the staff are great and the attention is so welcoming”

Mrs Nnaemeka

‘It was a good experience on the technological level. I feel more comfortable doing my check-up with Doktorconnect”

Tajudeen Sikiru

“You guys are doing great. I will recommend your services to friends and acquaintances.”

Mopelola Adebanjo

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