All You Need To Know About Keloid Scars

keloid scars

What Is A Keloid Scar?

Keloid scars form when extra scar tissue grows over a wound, forming a firm, smooth, hairless mass.
Typically, after healing, a scar is formed. Ideally, it is confined to the region around the wound. But keloids often grow beyond the boundary of the injury. This extension often makes the keloid bigger than the original wound. Sometimes, keloids can be itchy, tender or cause discomfort, but they are generally harmless.

Keloids commonly form around the earlobes, shoulders, chest, or cheeks. While a keloid will not affect your physical health negatively, it can be a source of emotional stress due to its unsightly appearance.

What Causes Keloids?

The exact cause of a keloid scar is not known. However, scientists think keloids form when an excess amount of a protein (collagen) that helps wound healing is produced in the body.
Keloids can form due to skin injuries like burns, surgical incision sites, or ear piercing.
Also, some people are more prone to forming keloids than others.
They include:
People with darker skin tones
Less than 30 years of age
Asian / Latino origin
Family history of keloids (parents)

How To Avoid Getting Keloid Scars

If you have the risk factors for keloid formation, you should
Avoid getting body piercings, unnecessary surgeries, and tattoos.
Practice good wound care that involves keeping your wounds clean and moist.

How Can I Get Rid Of Keloid Scars?

There are different ways keloids can be treated, and they don’t guarantee that the keloid will not return. These treatments are best done by a healthcare professional.

They include:
Pressure dressing on the wound area (best for newly formed keloids) for up to 6 months
Cryotherapy by injecting liquid nitrogen into the scar tissue.
Laser treatment to flatten the scar.
Surgical removal

In conclusion, there are many substances that claim to be able to eradicate keloids permanently and most of them are untrue. To be safe, please speak to a doctor before using these substances on your body to remove keloids.

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