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Diphtheria: The Resurface of this Vaccine Preventable Disease

Do you know that Diphtheria was referred to as the ‘Strangling Angel of Children’ This was because...

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Importance of Regular Deworming In Adults and Children

Worms infect more than one-third of the world’s population, with the most intense infections in children and...

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How To Help Your Child And Teenager’s Mental Health

In a world where mental health problems are more rampant, the importance of child mental health cannot...

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Why Babies Die and How To help?

Hey. This is not probably the topic you would like to read but I am glad you...

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Practical Steps To Save Adults and Children From Choking

Compliments of the season to you and yours!! It’s that time where the food is in abundance...

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12 health benefits of breastfeeding to women and children.

Breastfeeding is perhaps the oldest practice in human history. It is the healthiest and simplest means of...

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Five Effects of Hypertension in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is special and daunting, but hypertension in pregnancy can make it more challenging. Hypertension is blood...

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Asthma Care: Six Proven Ways to Protect Your Family

Over 6 out of every 100 Nigerians have asthma. Nigeria alone is responsible for 5% of the...

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Drug Use During Pregnancy; Safe or Dangerous?

Drug use during pregnancy is inevitable because mothers go into pregnancy with conditions requiring medications (for example,...

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