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Five Ways You Can Stay Safe During The COVID-19 Third Wave

In December 2019, the first wave of COVID-19 started in the Chinese town of Wuhan. Nineteen months later,...

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Three Powerful Ways to Improve your Sex Life with Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease caused by your body’s inability to manage sugar in your blood. This dysfunction...

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Malaria in Nigeria: How To Protect Your Family.

In 2018, 228 million people had malaria globally. This figure is more than the population of Nigeria,...

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10 Natural ways to boost your energy

The need for energy has fuelled the introduction of energy drinks in the market. Go to shops...

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Fried or boiled plantains? The best plantain for your health

Although plantains are naturally low in fats, when fried, it absorbs oil. Oils are remarkably high in...

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