Do Waist Trainers Really Help You Get A Snatched Waist?

waist trainer

Waist trainers.
Sweat belts.
Sauna belts.
Lately, there has been a rise in women wearing corsets and waist belts. Some wear it for fashion. To get the famous hourglass shape. Others wear it to make their stomachs and waists appear flat and slim.

On Instagram, beauty blogs and many corners of the internet, influencers, celebrities, and business people sell waist trainers to women, claiming they help one burn fat. Many women buy these uncomfortable sweat belts, eager to get flat tummies and tinier waists as promised.

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But, do waist trainers really work?

When you wear a sweat belt, you put an insulating material around your abdomen and squeeze your midsection tight. The result? You have the ‘desired’ female curve but the effect is short-lived. You cannot get your dream waist and tummy by simply wearing a waist trainer.

The illusion of a ‘slimmer waist’ that waist trainers give you is due to:

Water loss
Most waist trainers are made from an insulating material that traps body heat, and makes you sweat more. Ergo, you lose body water and have a transient appearance of having lost weight or having a flatter tummy. Of course, the lost body water gets replaced quickly, and your FUPA returns.

Reduced Food Intake
If you wear waist trainers for a prolonged period, including while eating, you might get full faster because your stomach is squeezed tight. While this may sound great, it is not advisable. Reduced food intake can lead to health problems as you might not eat enough in the appropriate quantity.

Meanwhile, waist trainers can be harmful to you in the following ways:

Difficulty Breathing
When you wear waist trainers, you can reduce your lung capacity by up to 60%. It can also cause inflammation of the lungs and cause breathing problems.

Organ Damage
Squeezing your internal organs for a long time because you want a slim waist is never a good idea. Over time, the congested space may affect the blood flow and cause your organs to malfunction.

Problems with Digestion
Your favorite waist trainer can affect your digestion, impeding the normal flow of food down your digestive tract. It may also cause you to have heartburn and other digestive issues.

Weaker core muscles
While a waist trainer can help with good posture, wearing it frequently can weaken your core muscles even if you use it while exercising. This is because your core muscles are not engaged or active when you wear waist trainers, so, they become weaker over time, leading to back pain and poor posture.

Using sweat belts puts you at risk of dehydration because you keep sweating without any chance to cool off. In addition, some sweat belts come with their internal heating mechanism, putting you at risk of burns.

If you want a ‘snatched’ waist that will last long, eat healthy, drink water, exercise and live an overall healthy lifestyle. Also, breathe, and stop holding your body to the cosmetic standards of pop culture and plastic surgery.


Waist trainers and sweat belts do not help you lose weight, instead, you lose body water due to the increase sweating. You also risk overheating, breathing problems, back pain, damage to your internal organs and digestive issues if you use waist bands and other related items.


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