Five Ways To Stay Fit This Holiday Season (Without Trying)

stay fit this holiday season

Yes, I know!
It’s that time of the year when everyone basically shuts down for the festive period.
If you are like me, stuck at work, typing this as a hardworking employee (shhh…my oga doesn’t know I have signed out for the year in my mind), don’t worry, your rest will come.

Anyway, if you are looking for how to enjoy all the mad enjoyment this season, without adding too much weight or dropping out of the #TeamFitFam, this is for you.
The best part is that you don’t have to try too hard to stay fit this holiday season.
Let’s check out the routines:

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be taken as medical advice.

Routine 1
The Chicken Run

Equipment needed: Some space, a live chicken and a healthy heart

For this holiday exercise, you may need some space. You don’t have to do this routine yourself, you can set up your spouse or loved one that needs to keep fit for it.
To achieve this though, you need to buy a live chicken for Christmas, instead of eating a frozen one.
Untie the chicken some minutes before it is killed. You have to make sure that the designated butcher needs some exercise.

If your chicken is sharp, the sight of the knife should give air to its wings and legs. Basically, your chicken should take off. Now, that’s what the space is for, to allow your chicken to express itself by running.
The designated butcher will run in pursuit. I estimate that this race may last 5 – 15 minutes depending on the speed of your chicken.

In the end, check the butcher’s smartwatch and clap for yourself because some calories have been burned without trying too hard.
Hopefully, you got some good videos too!

Routine 2
The Oily Curls

Equipment needed: Bottles of groundnut oil, your arms

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but your biceps don’t have to go all flabby on me.
Grab that oil, whether it is the one for Kings or made with Power. Grab the 5kg bottle by the handle and give those babies (biceps) some oil.

No, don’t rub them on your biceps like a popular footballer we know (he has big biceps too).
3 reps of 10 oily curls daily is a great way to keep those babies in shape.

Routine 3
The Light Stretches

Equipment needed: Christmas lights and other decorations, a small ladder, you

This routine is definitely a great way to kick off the festive season. While hanging all the Christmas décor, some stretching will definitely be involved (especially if you are down to earth).

Stretch those limbs to hang your Christmas lights and tinsel too.
Stretches always warm up your muscles, and in this case, the bright lights will brighten your home too.

Routine 4
The Chase (Children Edition)

Equipment needed: Christmas party, families with young and energetic children.

To stay fit this holiday season, this is the routine you need.

Just attend a Christmas party filled with family and friends, and young children.

We don’t mean those cute babies that get your ovaries or testes ooohing, with their deceptive cute eyes and sleep-depriving cries.

You need toddlers for this.
Especially those in their TERRIBLE TWOs.
A few teeth in their mouths and a lot of energy in their limbs.

You can volunteer to be the child watcher while everyone has some fun.
I promise you there will be a lot of chasing, shushing and rescuing from danger for you.

You can set your fitness watch to aerobics because a day with energetic toddlers is as strenuous as intense aerobics.
You are welcome

Routine 5
The Rice Lift

Equipment needed: Bags of rice, good form for a deadlift

Who said you have to go to the gym this period?
You don’t because you have that bag of rice at home.
Now you have to be careful here. The deadlift is not an exercise for the fainthearted, and you need to lift appropriately. We have 4kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg or 50kg bags of rice. Just choose what you can carry and do the rice lift.
Remember to keep your core strong!

Bonus Routines
The Dish Washer

Equipment needed: Good earphones, a good playlist, and rolled up sleeves.

It’s time to get your hands dirty!
Volunteer to do the dishes after the big family get together. You can start by washing that big tripod pot that burns the party Jollof at the bottom.

By the time you are done washing the heap of dishes, my dear, you would have burnt all the extra calories.

The Shoulder Pounder

Equipment needed: Willing arms, a strong back and a willing spirit

This one is simple, volunteer to help them pound that yam, akpu or fufu wherever you see them making it.
Experts say that the act of repeatedly lifting the pestle is good for your deltoids, and if you maintain good form, it strengthens your upper back too!

Now go ahead and eat well this season.

And don’t forget to do these activities to stay fit this holiday season without trying!

You can always catch a doctor here whenever you need one.
Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be taken as medical advice.