Importance of good posture. The way you sit, stand, and walk can affect your life.

effect of bad posture in your health

Good posture refers to how you align your body when sitting, standing and walking. Good posture allows the body to carry its weight without strain. Bad posture puts the weight of the body on one aspect of the body thus leading to stress on the muscles and ligaments. 

The body needs to maintain balance for efficiency and the legs are to the body what tires are to cars. The legs carry the entire weight of the body, and even though your feet may not hurt, they could be the source of your pain. 

When you maintain bad posture, you tend to have back pain, neck pain, muscle fatigue, and osteoarthritis at an early age. 

Good posture reduces neck and back pain 

When sitting, your feet should rest flat on the floor, with even weight on both hips. Your back should be mostly straight. Your shoulders should be back but relaxed and your ears should line up over your collarbones.

There’s the tendency to slouch after sitting for long hours. It is therefore advised that you take a short walk after every 30 minutes of sitting down. If you find it difficult to time yourself, take a short walk every time you feel the need to slouch. 

Good posture reduces improves muscles and joint function

When you maintain good posture, your muscles and joints function properly, helping you to avoid abnormal wear and tear. Improper posture places stress on your joints and can cause them to wear away. This is the most common cause of osteoarthritis, a form of “wear and tear” arthritis.

While other factors, such as age and genetics, can increase the risk of arthritis, the way you carry your body plays a role in how much stress you put on your joints. Maintaining good posture can reduce the stress on your muscles and keep your joints lubricated. 

Good posture reduces headaches

Neck tension can cause headaches. Often if we correct our posture, we can reduce muscle tension and improve our headaches. Sitting upright with the neck on a straight line as the spine can reduce your episodes of headaches. 

Maintaining good posture may be difficult after years of building a bad posture habit. In such cases, we need assistance. The feet is an important determinant of good posture and a solution that addresses the foot, helps to improve general body posture. 

At Doktorconnect, we use a foot leveler machine to assess how the feet affect the general body posture. This machine is designed to scan the entire body for posture defects and diagnose a custom solution to address the issue. 

To book a test, download the Doktorconnect App available to Android and iOS devices. 

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