Is Your Penis Size Ideal? (Plus One Way To Have Better Sex)

penis size

Do you feel ashamed of your penis size when you get it up?

Don’t worry. You are not alone. 

A survey revealed that only 55% of men are satisfied with their penis size. The reason is not far fetched. Unrealistic expectations set by the mass media and porn industry puts undue pressure on many men. You probably think you should have a 9-inch phallus, and the men around you may make it seem like they all have one. Ironically, many men do not see a lot of erect penises, so they do not have an idea if theirs is normal or not. 

As a result, most men and their penises become limp when conversations around size spring up.

But, you deserve to be proud of your penis, whatever shape, form or size it is. Let us find out why.

What’s the average penis size?

About 90% of men worldwide have penises 4 to 6 inches (10.16 cm- 15.24 cm) long when erect. 

The average penis globally is 5.16 inches (13 cm) long and 4.59 inches (11.7 cm) thick. In Nigeria, the average goes up to about 5.66 inches (14.38 cm) in length. 

Most men are around this average, regardless of their height, shoe size and body mass. Indeed, contrary to what you might expect, penis size is not influenced by your height, shoe size or body size. 

If you do not know where you stand compared to the global or local average, you can find out by measuring your penis.

How to measure your penis size

Get a tape rule and ensure that your penis is fully erect. 

To measure the length:

Put the tape rule at the root of your penis (where it comes out of your body), and run the tape down to the tip of the head of your penis. 

For the thickness:

Measure the circumference around the base or the middle of your penile shaft.

Now you know your length and thickness, how do you stack up?

(If your penis is less than 2.95 inches (7.5 cm) when erect, then you may have a micropenis, and you can talk to a doctor here about it to get further advice).

Yes, your penis is enough.

Like we’ve established, most men are around 4 – 6 inches long when erect, while the average depth of the vagina is 3.77 inches.

So, your penis is likely to be more than enough for your partner.

This assertion was confirmed by a study in which 84% of the women surveyed were happy with the size of their partner’s penis.

However, if your penis is smaller than the average, there’s no cause for alarm. Research has shown that most women do not achieve orgasm through penetration alone, so your penis is not the culprit here.

Furthermore, you can maximise the size of your penis by choosing sex styles that allow for fuller penetration and more contact with your partner’s clitoris.

How To Have Better Sex

Communication is a vital aspect of sex, and you should spend more time communicating with your partner and learning what they like, instead of worrying about your penis size.

Skill matters much more than size when it comes to sex.

So, while your penis size is most likely adequate, can the same be said about your skill under the covers?

Whatever your answer may be, you can improve by communicating with your partner, and being open to learning too!

Remember, sex is fun. Keep it that way!

Now, go forth and have great consensual sex.

You deserve it.

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Dr Okonkwor Oyor (Doctor on Doktorconnect)

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