Seven Healthy Tips For Harmattan

Seven tips to stay healthy during harmattan

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

But how can you be jolly during this harsh climatic season?

Is it cold, dry or hot?!

You guessed it! When it comes to harmattan, you get all three.

Harmattan is a cold, dry, hot season in West Africa that brings with it cool, dry, dusty wind from the Sahara desert. This season is predominantly seen yearly between November and mid-March.

What does harmattan do to me?

This peculiar season affects our body system in so many ways

  1. Dry skin and hair
  2. Dry and chapped lips
  3. Increases our thirst
  4. Increases the risk of respiratory tract infections and asthmatic attacks because of the dry, dusty wind
  5. The dry, cold dusty wind could trigger sickle cell crises

Healthy tips that can help you be at your best this harmattan season

  1. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids, especially when the weather decides to be on the hot side.
  2. Never go without your lip balm
  3. Nose masks are not just to prevent COVID-19, they can be useful in preventing inhalation of dry air and dust particles which could trigger an asthma attack or respiratory tract infections.
  4. Always moisturize your skin and hair to keep that glow and smoothness intact.
  5. Drinking hot tea in this cold, dry weather is a good way to warm yourself up and soothe the dry irritated parts of the throat.
  6. Eat more fruits and vegetables and wash them well before consuming them because of the increase in dust and germs this season.
  7. Wear the right clothing to protect yourself from the cold harsh weather.

With these healthy tips, I’m sure we can all have a jolly good festive harmattan season!

For more healthy tips on harmattan, you can speak to a doctor here.