Seven Top Secrets to a Healthy Skin

healthy skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body. Healthy skin is a healthy body. Conversations surrounding skincare have been on the increase due to varying disturbing practices of late. 

The skin changes with age, it becomes thinner, loses fat, and is sometimes more prone to injuries. Coupled with the natural aging of the skin, engaging in certain harmful lifestyle practices make it a recipe for disaster.

The skin also changes depending on hormones (including contraceptive pills) and can be affected by varying medical condition such as acne and fungal infection. It is important to pay attention to your skin, and here are seven (and just because I am nice, I have added a bonus point) top secrets to a healthy skin

1. Avoid skin-damaging practices

Things applied to the skin get absorbed into the body and can affect the internal organs such as the kidney. The use of skin bleaching products can cause kidney damage and skin cancer. 

Applying topical creams containing steroids indiscriminately and for a prolonged time can weaken and cause skin thinning which leads to stretch marks, burns, redness, etc. If you have any skin concerns you can speak with a doctor here for advice

2. Be gentle with your skin

  • Avoid very hot or cold baths and showers. Instead, use lukewarm water to prevent burns
  • Shave carefully
  • Moisturize your dry skin and pay special attention to areas that are often neglected such as under the breast, behind the ear, the groin, in between fingers and toes, etc

3. Protect your skin

Use oven gloves when handling hot dishes

When using needles in cases like sewing, make use of protective thimbles to prevent  injuries

Avoid wearing tight collars, ties, scarves, or necklaces

Use insect repellents especially when outdoors and at night to prevent insect bites

Wear protective coverings such as long trousers or long sleeve top when outdoors especially at night to prevent bites

4. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and use sunscreen

Sunburn increases one risk of skin cancer and here are some ways you can reduce your risk and have a healthy skin:

  • Spend time away from the sun when it is at its strongest, usually between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Apply a sunscreen (Sun protection factor (SPF) of at least factor 30 and 4-star UVA protection) to all exposed skin liberally and frequently
  • Cover up with suitable clothing, hats or sunglasses when outdoors on the beach, etc during these hours

5. Eat Healthy to Maintain a Healthy Skin

Eat at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. 

Choose unsaturated oils and spreads, and eat them in small amounts

Keep a food diary to identify acne triggers and adjust your diet

Drink plenty of fluids (at least 6 to 8 glasses a day)

6. Avoid smoking

Smoking damages collagen and elastin responsible for skin strength. It also makes one skin look older and prone to wrinkles

7. Manage stress and sleep well

Stress can trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. So make out time to relax, and engage in relaxing activities e.g yoga, meditation, etc. Also, get enough sleep so your skin can naturally replaces dead cells and restores new ones

Bonus Healthy Skin Point

  • Check your skin

Pay attention to your skin. If you have a mole, keep observing for any changes such as bleeding, changes in size, shape, or colour. If any lump is noticed do speak to a doctor immediately

Like the saying goes, drink water, mind your business, follow the above tips and you should see an improvement in your skin health