Top Six Reasons to Consult a Doctor Online (Even When Healthy)

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So many people speak with a doctor only when sick and most times often too late. If you’re feeling healthy, regular doctor visits ensure you stay that way. And the good news is, you can do this online. Why online you may ask? That has been answered here. So let’s talk about six various things you can talk with a doctor about, read along!

1. To Discuss Health Myths and Facts

You’re scrolling through the internet one day and you came across a phrase saying “4G causes cancer.” I mean I use 4G (side note: there are 4G sims in Nigeria) and you most likely do too. And now you can’t sleep, you are so worried. Yes, I am judging you (hehehe, evil laugh or maybe I am not and I just care) then this blog is for you

Questions like; can one get pregnant without having penetrative sex? I and my partner are both AA and my child is SS, what do you think could be the cause?  Do vaccinations cause autism? I have had chickenpox before and I have had contact with someone with chickenpox, should I be worried?

Don’t stay worried and toss and turn while you sleep, when you can speak to a doctor about these online

2. Prevention Tips From a Doctor Online

Someone you know (or maybe not), someone you read about suddenly slumped or died? 

Know anyone in your family or distant relative who has cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, or even heart attack? I can imagine this sounds scary and I know it is not your portion, but have you ever spoken to a doctor to discuss what you can do to reduce your risk of having any of these? 

Most likely, your answer is no. Or perhaps you are among the lucky few and yours is yes, are you on track or do you need a reminder on what to do and what not to do, What are you waiting for? Click on this link to get started

3. Advice in Making Proactive Health Decisions

Do you know any cancer that is preventable by getting a vaccine? Do you know some of these vaccines work best if taken before certain ages? You must be shook, don’t be. 

Do you know how to check your breasts (yes males get breast cancer too) and what to look out for?

Every new day, we age. And Increasing age is a risk factor for most diseases. Want to know what you should be doing and checking at certain points in your life?

You’re in luck because you can have these and more answered by a qualified medical professional at your fingertips without moving an inch

4. Discuss Symptoms With a Doctor Online

Yeah, I know. This is the most common reason why you would want to consult with a doctor. Is it body ache, or you suddenly have a cold, or perhaps you have some urine troubles? Had unprotected sex and want to know what you can do to prevent pregnancy? Or maybe you suspect you have a Sexually Transmitted Infection and want a doctor’s opinion? 

Have you been so stressed recently and now your period is late? Or perhaps you have been anxious and suddenly you no longer last as you previously do when having sex?

Yes, these and many more are what you can speak with a doctor about to get professional advise

5. Review of Medications and Vitals (Blood pressure etc)

You recently took an emergency contraceptive and now have a banging headache and like Simon, you think your enemies are after you? Or your high blood pressure medication was recently changed and now you urinate frequently? This complaint may be a common side effect of some medication and speaking to a doctor will bring clarity to you

If you’re being managed for a chronic medical condition e.g high blood pressure, diabetes and you are stable and on follow-up, you should speak to a doctor to review your medications and readings, especially when this can be done at your comfort and convenience online

Attended a free screening, had your blood pressure or sugar, or body mass index checked recently and need an explanation? My colleagues and I are waiting for you, what is keeping you?

6. Review Test Result / Second Opinion With A Doctor Online

So, you woke up one morning and hit your leg on a stone and you think you have “typhoid” and decided to run a widal test and now you’re convinced you have typhoid. Many Nigerians think they have typhoid anyways, that’s a talk for another day

So where were we? You can get your investigations reviewed online at your comfort. How? You may be wondering? You can upload your result via the doktorconnect app or send it via the chat option for consultation. Or maybe you just need a second opinion, doktorconnect is here for you!

Bonus Talking Points

Is there heaven and hell? Does God exist? Will Nigeria ever get better? Lol, please I’m joking, you can save these for religious houses, philosopher friends and politicians.

So, I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince you on why you should talk to a doctor now (even without being sick). Do feel free to leave a comment. Remember, there is a doctor waiting for you at the other side of this link