What The Color Of Your Semen Means

color of semen

So, you had the Big O! But you think something is wrong. The color of your semen does not look right, or maybe it smells wrong. 

Don’t you worry though, you came to the right place.

But first, let us clean up your vocabulary.

Sperm is not the same thing as semen.

Sperm – refers to the male sex cell, and it is microscopic. About 15 to 200 million sperm cells are in every ml of semen.

Semen – is a cloudy, white fluid released from the penis during ejaculation. It contains sperm and seminal fluid.

So, the next time you want to complain about your cum, don’t say, “My sperm is watery.” 

Instead, you should say, “My semen is watery.”

Now, let us talk about what the color of your semen means

How Your Semen Should Look And Smell

Cloudy White Or Gray

The ideal colour of semen is cloudy white or grey, with the consistency of a raw egg. It also has an alkaline smell similar to the smell of bleach. However, these characteristics may vary based on your diet and other factors. 

But when there is something wrong with your semen, it may look this way:

How To Interpret The Color Of Your Semen

Red / Pink or Brown

If your cum looks red, pink or brown in appearance, it may be due to the presence of blood in your semen. The presence of blood in your semen is called hematospermia. You may develop hermatospermia after some medical procedures like prostate biopsy, or after vigorous sex/masturbation. You may also have bloody semen if you are hypertensive, have an STI, urethritis, or have a prostate, testicular or urethral cancer.

Ensure that you speak with a doctor if you notice red, pink or brownish discolouration of your ejaculate.

Yellow or Green

Semen with the yellow or green colour may indicate a sexually transmitted disease, an inflammation of your prostate gland, or the presence of urine in your ejaculate. It may also be due to the use of some medications. However, if this discolouration comes with foul-smelling semen, it may point more to an STI.


According to this study, dark-coloured semen is present in people who have heavy metals such as lead, manganese or nickel in their body system. 

People with spinal cord injury may also have dark brown or black semen. This dark colour may be due to the malfunction of the gland that produces the substances in the semen.

What You Should Do

Next time you ejaculate, take note of the colour of your semen to be sure all is well. And if you are worried about anything, speak to a doctor.

Bonus Point

Your diet can affect the quality of your sperm, and your fertility too. 

Try to eat more meals rich in fish, fruits, vegetables, and walnuts. They have been shown to increase sperm quality.

Eat less food with processed meat like sausages, trans fat like fast food and margarine, high-fat dairy like cow milk, and food containing pesticides (a common menace in Nigeria where food sellers sometimes use pesticides to preserve food items).